Glad You're Here With Me Tonight DVD

TDC is at it again with our second DVD with special guest the "King Of Congas" King Errisson! It was such a thrill to have him on stage with us, and we KNOW you will love this DVD.
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    1. Theme
    2. Eye in The Sky / Holly Holy
    3. Glad You're Here With Me Tonight
    4. Solitary Man
    5. Love On The Rocks
    6. A Song For You
    7. Cracklin' Rosie
    8. A Modern Day Version Of Love
    9. Porcupine Pie
    10. Last Thing On My Mind / I Am I Said
    11. Yes I Will
    12. Dry Your Eyes
    13. Cherry Cherry
    14. You Don't Bring Me Flowers
    15. Don't Go There
    16. Pretty Amazing Grace
    17. Stones
    18. Soolaimon
    19. Mountains Of Love
    20. Hell Yeah
    21. America

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