Dry Your Eyes CD

Our second album. We wanted to record a studio album, and came up with this in 2004. I love this album! We sold out of this album, but fear not!! We have re-ordered, and will be available again in April 2010. There's a great mix of Neil Diamond's hits like Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon, and our own version of (we're proud to be) America. So, if you don't have it already, It's my belief that you will enjoy it.

  • Details

    1. I'm a Believer
    2. Cante Libre
    3. Captain Sunshine
    4. Jungletime
    5. September Morn
    6. Last Picasso
    7. Holly Holy
    8. Dry Your Eyes
    9. Walk on Water
    10. Theme
    11. Lament in D Minor
    12. Dance of the Sabres
    13. Girl, Your Be a Woman Soon
    14. If You KNow What I Mean
    15. America (Special Addition)

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