Cold Water Morning Live CD

Cold Water Morning Live was made for you devout and hard core Neil Diamond fans. I've chosen some of these selections for you. And because they  are ones that I have loved for years. If you happen to be one of those Neil Diamond experts, then you will pick up on little things. For instance, if you listen to I Am I Said, you will hear that it is a mixture of the Hot August Night version, but then turns into the Reprise on the album Stones. We have been playing Neil Diamond's music for such a long time, that we are able to mix versions up for fun, and to keep things fresh for you, AND for us.  Performing some of these songs live still gives me such a rush, and all around good feeling. I do hope you will enjoy listening as we do performing this album. 
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    1. Holly Holy
    2. Desiree
    3. Oh No No I Got The Feeling
    4. Solitary Man
    5. Cold Water Morning
    6. Longfellow Serenade
    7. Street Life
    8. Be
    9. Lonely Looking Sky
    10. Skybird
    11. September Morn
    12. Primitive
    13. Right By You
    14. Amazed and Confused
    15. Yesterday's Song
    16. Can Anyone Hear Me
    17. I Am I Said

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