Kenny LaBelle

Vocals, Acoustic Guitars

I've been playing Neil Diamond's music for a very long time. I've been in very many bands , as well as doing a solo acoustic act for nearly a decade.


I was in this progressive rock and roll band called Point of Origin based in West Palm Beach Fla. That was fun. Then there was a 50's show band with a vocal group called the Velvets. I was one of the youngest players in that band. Some of these guys were famous in the 50's, but I didn't know who they were.


A top 40 band, an oldies band, and I've always tried to sneak in some of my favorite Neil Diamond tunes when I could.. So, if you can imagine how cool this experience is for me now doing ALL my favorite Neil tunes, at this level, then you have an idea how excited I am to bring this show to you.

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