Doug Wallace

Acoustic, Electric Guitars


At age14 he picked up a friends electric guitar and was immediately hooked.   Since that day Doug went from playing acoustic folk and progressive rock to hard rock with multiple local bands.  Doug hooked up with Kenny LaBelle in 1992 and over the next few years both dabbled in a couple of projects together. Doug went off and played with local band The Wind in 1993 while recording the bands debut CD.   In 1997 he performed In The Majestic Theaters debut play as Nicki Sullivan,  Buddy Holly's guitar player in Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story.  In 1998 his band The Wind released their CD "Walking on Clouds".  In the same year Doug returned to the Majestic to do The Buddy Holly Story again.   He also did some guitar work for Kenny on his " When We Were One" CD with the Silent Partner Project.  Doug stayed on with Kenny to form The Diamond Collection.  He did Buddy......again in 2002 and here we are full circle once again with The Diamond Collection.  Gasp...."Resistance is futile, eventually you will all sucumb to the power that is Neil".  Doug currently owns and operates Studio 128 Recording

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